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Quick overview

Jamie in Devon wanted to make the most of his patio. Having had an old wood railing system in place before he thought it was time for a change.

He didn’t want to loose the stunning view over miles of green countryside. Traditionally he might have gone for a 'post and rail' system. This is where you have posts either steel or wood with glass infill panels. The problem with these systems is you still loose some of the view with the large posts!

tables set up near glass balustrade in cornwall aluminox
Aluminox Frameless glass balustrade around a patio area in Cornwall

Where to go from here?

Best of both worlds

Jamie got in touch and asked what options we had for him. We do do post and rail systems but we always suggest going totally frameless!

The benefits of a frameless glass balustrade are two fold. Firstly you get the protection the barrier creates. Glass has come a long way over the past 50 yrs and is used structurally in floors, roofs and endless situations where you wouldn't have thought.

With the channel system the glass is held in place purely at the base so NO NEED for vertical posts! This allows Jamie to see his view totally uninterrupted!


Jamie choose to install the frameless balustrade system himself. All our products are designed to be DIY friendly, but if need be you can always get a general trades person to install your glass balustrade for you.

The channel the glass sits into is pre-drilled at 200mm centres so Jamie simply drilled his holes inline with the channels. Then using expanding M12 bolts fixed the channel to the patio.

Once in he measure for the glass and installed using the system innovative clamping method. The whole project of 21m took less than 2 days of work (1 day to install the channel and measure the glass then a seperate day to install the glass).

tables set up near glass balustrade in cornwall aluminox