Things to remember when looking for frameless glass balustrade

colour options for frameless glass balustrade projects

The market has changed a lot in the last few year and there are a number of products on the market.  We’ve compiled a list of things to look out for;

  1. Is the channel anodised? Balustrade channels are brushed to look like stainless steel and are extruded from aluminium.  This is a great metal, strong, invented in Cornwall and light compared to steel.  Steel rusts! Thankfully aluminium doesn’t but to protect it against corrosion you should only buy a channel system that is anodised.  There are different levels so make sure it’s to around 20 mircons.
  2. Need drainage? You might be installing your glass balustrade on a flat roof, in which case you’ll need drainage! There are different ways to achieve this but make sure they account for it.  We use drain blocks that allow water to pass underneath the channel itself.
  3. Do you need to fix the channel system through the base of through the side? A lot of systems on the market allow fixing through both the side and the base of the channel.  There are benefits to both and it depends where you are installing and to what.  Side fix can be great for flat roofs or stairs.  It’s important to rember that with side fix channels you will have external drill holes, this can increase the price as you might want cladding to cover the drill holes.  
  4. Speed of installation.  When you have a project whether commercial or residential you don’t want to have to spend hours upon hours installing the balustrade system.  Some products are more time consuming than others so have a look at how they install to make sure you choose a product that is fast to install.